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Introduction - House of Tibetan Styled beads for Jewelry Making at wholesale
Tibetan Designed Beads and Jewelry plays a vital role in Tibetan Culture from Generations. Tibet, its arts and culture - always has been a curious and Mysterious place for the rest of the world. Capturing the essence of Nepalese craftsmanship, we at tibetanwholesalebeads.com manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of a wide variety of quality handcrafted beads especially Tibetan Beads and Nepalese beads. We have beads at wholesale price. The beads are suitable for jewelry making. We have hand crafted beads with silver and Metal cap. Amber beads. Shell beads. Turquoise beads etc.

Beside Tibetan Beads and Nepalese Beads. We make all type of ethnical designed jewelry. We make Tibetan designed pendants, Tibetan styled beaded bracelet, Tibetan styled beaded Necklace, Tibetan styled Tribal Earrings etc. These ethnic look Tibetan designed jewelry surprise any one around the world. They are very unique in design. Perfect gift for family, friends or loved ones. And ofcourse, the eye catching look of the jewelry suits any one.... The jewelry looks beautiful and colorful with stones like Turquoise, coral, lapis, amber etc.

tibetanwholesalebeads.com has been a well established company. This company is directly associated with the artists and craft men so the Wholesale Tibetan Beads prices are irresistable. Many of our selections are handmade from indigenous materials which have been expertly transformed into beautiful beads and we have wide selection.

We are supplying beads to customers all over the world. We are looking for customers like Bead Shop, Bead Store, Craft Supply Store, Jewelry Makers, Jewelry Designers, Beaded Craft makers, businesses that supply beads to their customers and other beads buyers or just involved in bead business. Wholesale Tibetan Beads at prices that you cannot resist.

Tibetanwholesalebeads.com has delivered beads and jewelry to business and jewelry enthusiast all over the world. We strive on quality, efficiency and cost savings that makes it possible to offer better product to our customers.

Today, we have customers all over the world and provide unmatched services. The beads featured on this website are sold in wholesale only. Most of the Beads featured on this website are handmade/handcrafted.

We hope to have a successful business relationship with you. If you have any questions about Wholesale Bead prices or Designs, please do not hesitate to drop an email to us at : info@tibetanwholesalebeads.com

Welcome to the House of Tibetan Beads Wholesale ............